Disablism in LGBTIQ+ Spaces

Queer Theory has provided a really useful lens for examining the marginalising effects of existing in ways that deviate from societal norms. As a Queer Crip I found that it not only helped me find new ways to understand my sexuality and gender, but that it helped me think differently about how disablement impacted my […]

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The Validation Game

If you’re disabled in the UK, then you’ll be used to having your impairment reality questioned by others. Are you really that sick? Are you malingering? Is it because you are just a weak person? What did you do wrong to get like that? Is it because you want special treatment because you are lazy […]

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Progressive Language

We’ve all listened to people tripping over their tongues trying to find the most politically correct way of calling a disabled person a disabled person. I’m going to give you my view on it, which is based in the radical social model.

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